Specimens or People?

We heard a story the other day that some people we know have been tested multiple times due to their exposure to COVID19. Some of these people were testing positive a few times before they recovered and had negative tests.

Their job required multiple tests in order to come to work.

Makes sense.

It was alleged that these multiple tests were being reported in the state number of cases (i.e. the counts were duplicated).

Based on our research, it appears that depending on the state you live in, this is true.

Of the 50 states plus DC, 18 states are showing SPECIMENS as the # of positive/negative “cases.” 18 states are showing PEOPLE as the # of positive/negative cases, and 15 states are unknown (but we are researching to figure that out!).

According to a great website (covidtracking.com), they indicate “because some people may be tested more than once the numbers may be higher than the people tested.”

To further complicate the positive/negative test issue, we can confirm that the States not only have a disparate method of reporting tests vs. people, but also:

– Sometimes include Antibody tests with Positive Case Rates

– Sometimes include out of state residents in their numbers some do not, it’s unclear how many individuals have been double-counted as a result (or not counted at all).

– Some states include people who have not been tested, but are assumed to have COVID19 due to their exposure to people with confirmed cases.

Frustrating, we know.

The good news? It appears that overall, just 8.3% of the tests are coming back positive.

More good news? We are apparently the country that has administered the most tests. On a per capita basis (number tests per million people), the latest data shows we are 4th in the world.

We have much more data we will roll out later today.

Until then, make it a great day!