COVID-19 Statistics

I was an early adopter of the shutdown and quarantine.

I am a germaphobe by nature.

I know people who have suffered from COVID19.

I know others who have “tested positive” with absolutely no symptoms.

I am frustrated by something as serious as a global pandemic becoming a political weapon and another avenue for division between humans.

Aren’t you?

I like facts and information. Not fear and emotions. So, I went and grabbed the data from published websites.

If we really want to GET REAL, then we need to understand data and let it help us make informed decisions for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

I showed it the way the media and the CDC gives it to us (# cases, # of deaths, etc.); and I showed it opposite of those numbers (% recovered, % not catching it, etc.).

According to the CDC, 98.88 percent of our US population is NOT infected or has not been infected with COVID19 in the last 6 months. According to the CDC, if you were to be in the 1.12% of the population to get COVID19, you would have a 96.22% chance of recovering from it.

Your overall chance of survival of this disease is 99.96%

Do these facts and this data help you in any way?

They did for me.

There is no judgement here, only information. Based on your health and your risk, you may look at the numbers differently than someone else.

And that’s okay.

Let’s Get Real.