Money Lesson 2: Financial Acuity is Your Responsibility

Whether you live off of a social security pension or whether you are the richest person on Earth, financial acuity is a responsibility you have to yourself, your family, your business, and your community.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “What is she talking about?! I go to work every day. I pay my own bills. How can there be more to it?”

If you’re doing those two things, then I want to commend you!

However, I find that having a great relationship with money is more than just paying the bills. In fact, I have always paid my bills on time and had a great credit score.

And still, I felt that my relationship with money was lacking. I constantly felt that I wasn’t saving enough, that I was spending too much. That there had to be something “more” or “better.” Perhaps you can relate?

On the flip side, I have met dozens of clients who don’t know how much money comes into their business or household each month and wouldn’t know how to pay their own bills. Some don’t even know all the financial accounts their name is on.Those folks often tell me that understanding money or taxes is only for those with a financial degree or an accounting background or for the spouse or child or employee who handles all of that for them. Perhaps you can relate to this situation?

Whether you find yourself high or low on the money responsibility spectrum, remember, there is NO SHAME.

Money Mastery Lesson #2 is accepting responsibility for your entire financial picture and well-being.It means being willing to go deeper than you are today.

Financial Responsibility is paying your bills on time and understanding your cash, investment, and debt balances at any given time. If you aren’t doing that, I want you to start there.

But, I want you to accept the challenge to go deeper than the everyday responsibilities we have. Financial acuity means doing the hard work to unravel your feelings about money. To think about how you got to your current money situation. And to dream about what you really want going forward.

Responsibility = Power.

Feel a little uncomfortable with this idea? Then think about how you’d like to feel about your money situation. Imagine yourself already experiencing that. How amazing would that feel?

That’s where we’re headed.My objective: to give you the power and the tools to experience your money relationship goals.