Money Lesson 3: Money is Energy

Just like the air that we inhale and exhale, just like the tide that ebbs and flows, just like the sun that rises and fades into the night, money…currency….is energy in our life.

Water, Air, Light, Currency. We need it to live.

Each day I get to work in an historic place. A fort that was built where the white man came and brought his goods like grains and food and other supplies, and the natives brought animal skins. Skins that were turned into clothing and useful tools. Currency didn’t look like the dollars and cents or credit cards we have today. But it existed and it was necessary to maintain life.

And, just like water and air and light have a light side and a dark side (what happens when there isn’t enough water? Or too much? What happens when the air we breathe becomes stagnant or we can’t get enough of it in our lungs? What happens when it gets too hot or too cold?), so too does money.

Last weekend, I sat in a room where our community came together to raise $600,000 at a fundraiser for blind athletes. An organization where a young man had an idea and dream, and it has blossomed into something spectacular. Giving our money was not only fun, it was meaningful. The flow of money that night had great energy and it was full of light.

Just 48 hours later I was sitting in a room where someone with millions of dollars was weaponizing their money against someone they once promised to love, honor, and cherish until they died. There was no flow of money, in fact there was fighting over money, and the energy in that room was hostile and heavy.

I know that you can think of situations where money was used for good. And where it was used for bad. Think of the feelings that surrounded those transactions.

When you think about your relationship with money, how might you describe it? Is it one of scarcity, where the tide goes out too often? Where it gets difficult to breathe?

Do you dream of a day when the tsunami of money hits you? I know we all have! But do we ever really sit down and think about what happens when too much comes too fast? [Hint: it rarely ends well.]

What if, instead of a scarcity relationship with money, or one that involves a tsunami…. you accepted the energy of money like you do the breaths you take and the rotation of day into night?Natural. Comfortable. Assured. Confident.

Yes, it’s possible! And Yes, it’s amazing!